2013 Best in Youth

It has been quite a long time since I last posted about my daylily garden. I just finished my senior year of high school and am looking forward to attending Vanderbilt University this fall.

I would expect that most of you are here to read about daylilies, so that is where I will head.

Last summer I moved houses and thus my garden had to move with me! The move, as all moves  are, was a great undertaking, but moving over 160 different daylilies was quite a challenge. I had to keep each one labeled and identified, then dig them up, put the in grocery bags, and drive them over to the new house, luckly only a few miles away, and plant them quickly enough not to harm the plants. All in all, last June was quite an adventure, and I learned a lot about moving daylilies.

This summer has been much cooler than usual, and we have had much more rain here in Kennesaw than we usually do. I checked the newspaper the other day and it said that the yearly rainfall was 11 inches over the average. The plants have enjoyed the rain, but the cool weather has delayed the bloom season by a month. This limited the number of flowers I had available for the show. Furthermore, the plants have only been growing for one winter, and had much fewer buds and blooms than usual. Even with the difficulties, I managed to pull of a win in the youth division at the Cobb County and Greater Atlanta Daylily Show.

For those of you who came here from Mr. Waldrop’s blog, I thank him for the shout out and I am glad you are here. For everyone else Mr. Waldrop’s blog isbillsdaylilycorner.blogspot.com and his official website iskennesawmountaindaylilygardens.com. He is a great gardener and mentor!

Spacecoast Modern Symmetry

-The photo is from the new garden!

A Review of Summer 2012

November 13th, 2012

I know it has been far too long since I last posted, but I have been quite busy! The summer started off by moving my entire garden to a new house; yes all 200+ plants. The moving process filled the whole month of June. I still participated in the Cobb County and Greater Atlanta Daylily Show, though, where I took best in show in the youth division. The plant that I won with was ‘Lady Neva’. On top of moving, I have been busy applying to college (its my Senior year). The process has been tiring, but still very exciting. Even though I was moving I still managed to produce some seeds, many of which have the potential to be very nice plants. I worked hard this year to make unique crosses, and get strong color. I cannot wait to see what happens!

A Tale of Two Brothers

May 2nd, 2012

The daylily season is about to be in full swing and i thought I would tell you all a “tale of two brothers.” The two plants I am going to show you are both from a cross of “Leprechaun Eye” and “Heaven All Day.” Most of the children in this cross have been cream or yellow,even my introduction “Mud Creek Sunshine” comes from this cross. The art of genetics presented itself this morning as I was walking around my garden. I was hoping to carry the red eye in “Leprechaun Eye” into the self of ‘Heaven All Day.”I wasn’t getting the results I wanted . The plant I saw this morning was the closest I got in the cross, but what interested me was the clear example of how genetics work. It is so interesting to see how a pinkish flower with an eye and a nearly white flower can be of the same lineage. It is truly amazing to see how different siblings really can be!

Brother 1

Brother 2

This spring has been quite warm, and the plants have greatly enjoyed it. My daylilies are 2 or 3 weeks ahead of schedule and some are already getting scapes! This means that I wont have to wait as long to see my plants bloom. Don’t be surprised if you see some pictures of the garden in the next couple of weeks. There are going to be a lot of new plants to photograph this summer. Last summer I added a whole new section to my garden, which includes around thirty plants. Also, it will be interesting to see my registered introductions bloom in their new location. If you don’t remember I had them in my raised bed, which I believe can be seen in seedling images. Now I have them all moved to the front yard to be on display for all to see. It will be a learning experience for me to see how they survived the move. I also gave “Heaven’s Melody to Mr. Bill Waldrop and Mr. David Arthur, so they can see how it does in their gardens! In case you were wondering, some the new plants I planted last year include “Marietta Heartbeat” by Bill Waldrop, “Homemade Blueberry Ice Cream” by Tim Bell, “Space Coast Royal Rumble” by Kinnebrew, and “Chinese Fire Dragon” by Dr. Bill Petit-who graciously gifted me 3 plants. I also got some pear trees this last summer, to add to the growth, and they already are bearing fruit! Well, I guess that’s it. Don’t forget to check back in a few weeks for pictures of the new plants.

2011 Introductions

November 16th, 2011

Hi everyone! My 2011 introductions can now be seen on daylilies.org. On the side bar go to “Daylily Database Online,” and then type Van de Vate in the hybridizer search bar. There should be 10 introductions on my list! I hope they are to your liking. It feels great to say that I am officially a hybridizizer now. Thanks to everyone who has mentored me along the way, The Waldrops and Arthurs and everyone else, it has been a great experience. And don’t worry, more seedlings are in the works!

I hope you enjoy my seedlings! The unseen pictures can easily be accessed by clicking on them… also, don’t forget to click the #2 tab… more seedlings on that page! Some of my favorites are Oscar’s Find, Mud Creek Sunset, Pacaya, Heaven’s Melody, and Tabacal!

This is the first seedling to bloom this season. It has three way branching and is 5-6 inches across. The scape height is about 24 inches tall. The plant is a cross between Paige Duggan and Heaven All Day. Pictures of these plants can also be found on my webpage. I hope you enjoy the new seedling, as well as LV-005! I really like the way the new flower lays flat, as well as its shape, branching and height.

LV-005 Has Bloomed!

June 7th, 2010

I am thinking of naming it after an orphan I met while in Guatemala.

Summer 2010

May 23rd, 2010

Check out some of my summer 2010 pictures!