A Tale of Two Brothers

May 2nd, 2012

The daylily season is about to be in full swing and i thought I would tell you all a “tale of two brothers.” The two plants I am going to show you are both from a cross of “Leprechaun Eye” and “Heaven All Day.” Most of the children in this cross have been cream or yellow,even my introduction “Mud Creek Sunshine” comes from this cross. The art of genetics presented itself this morning as I was walking around my garden. I was hoping to carry the red eye in “Leprechaun Eye” into the self of ‘Heaven All Day.”I wasn’t getting the results I wanted . The plant I saw this morning was the closest I got in the cross, but what interested me was the clear example of how genetics work. It is so interesting to see how a pinkish flower with an eye and a nearly white flower can be of the same lineage. It is truly amazing to see how different siblings really can be!

Brother 1

Brother 2

Hi everyone! My 2011 introductions can now be seen on daylilies.org. On the side bar go to “Daylily Database Online,” and then type Van de Vate in the hybridizer search bar. There should be 10 introductions on my list! I hope they are to your liking. It feels great to say that I am officially a hybridizizer now. Thanks to everyone who has mentored me along the way, The Waldrops and Arthurs and everyone else, it has been a great experience. And don’t worry, more seedlings are in the works!

I hope you enjoy my seedlings! The unseen pictures can easily be accessed by clicking on them… also, don’t forget to click the #2 tab… more seedlings on that page! Some of my favorites are Oscar’s Find, Mud Creek Sunset, Pacaya, Heaven’s Melody, and Tabacal!

This is the first seedling to bloom this season. It has three way branching and is 5-6 inches across. The scape height is about 24 inches tall. The plant is a cross between Paige Duggan and Heaven All Day. Pictures of these plants can also be found on my webpage. I hope you enjoy the new seedling, as well as LV-005! I really like the way the new flower lays flat, as well as its shape, branching and height.

LV-005 Has Bloomed!

June 7th, 2010

I am thinking of naming it after an orphan I met while in Guatemala.

Leaping into Spring!

March 9th, 2010

The flowers in my garden have just started to peak through the ground after a very cold winter. This is the first week that we will have no tempetures below freezing and I think the plants know it too. Most of my daylilies are putting up fresh, little, green fans. Plus, most of my seedlings from last year survived the winter. I know that I have atleast one fan from each cross. I plan to be posting more as the spring turns into summer. I am crossing my fingers that LV- 005 will bloom this year. It looks as though it will.

Thanks for coming!

April 18th, 2009

Thank you for coming to the new and improved site.

LV-005A is in the front. LV-005B is in the rear.PIANO MAN X STRAWBERRY CANDY

A Pleasent Surprize

April 17th, 2009

Lately, I have been having squirrel problems. They have been digging around my plants’ roots. While going out to take a picture of my garden and seedling for the blog, I saw a hero. As I was walking to the back of the property I heard a “,Cah-Cahhh.” Swooping down in front of me was this, wonderful, squirrel eating hawk:

My Rodent Eating Friend

My Rodent Eating Friend

My next post shall have images of my garnen and seedling.

Things are going great… and I am loving the nice heavy rain we have been getting lately. As it seems, so have my daylilies. PIANO MAN X STRAWBERRY CANDY is doing great. I have removed the green house to keep the plant from burning. It has been off of the plant for atleast three weeks, and I have seen tons of growth on Plant “A”, but Plant “B” doesn’t seem sick, but is just not growing as fast. I am happy with the growth I have seen on the first plant, though. The fan is atleast three inches tall. Sound small to you? It is. It is alot taller than it was a few weeks ago; that is a good thing for me!

The next plant I must talk of  Red Volunteer.  It has the most wonderful fans I have ever seen. They are so green and tall I can’t wait for it to bloom.

Luke Van de Vate