This May my friends from school and I are flying down to Gautemala City to work in an orphanage. We are also going to be doing construction in a Mayan Village. Our mission is to enlighten the children with the good news of Christ and teach them the important leadership skills needed for success. While on the trip we will  be climbing two volcanoes. It should be a lot of fun and a great experience.

As spring as continued on my snowball viburnum are begining to bloom and the daylily fans are growing tall and thick. Each day a new plant explodes into bloom. I have some blue berries that are in bloom and have recently purchased some grape plants and strawberry plants. LV-005 is doing fanatasctic. My other seedlings are also looking very well. The iris plants in my yard are about to burst into bloom and my maple tree is getting its leaves. I hope to post some photos soon!