A Tale of Two Brothers

May 2nd, 2012

The daylily season is about to be in full swing and i thought I would tell you all a “tale of two brothers.” The two plants I am going to show you are both from a cross of “Leprechaun Eye” and “Heaven All Day.” Most of the children in this cross have been cream or yellow,even my introduction “Mud Creek Sunshine” comes from this cross. The art of genetics presented itself this morning as I was walking around my garden. I was hoping to carry the red eye in “Leprechaun Eye” into the self of ‘Heaven All Day.”I wasn’t getting the results I wanted . The plant I saw this morning was the closest I got in the cross, but what interested me was the clear example of how genetics work. It is so interesting to see how a pinkish flower with an eye and a nearly white flower can be of the same lineage. It is truly amazing to see how different siblings really can be!

Brother 1

Brother 2

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